We are people from around the world, regardless of political affiliations, inclusive of all religious beliefs, across all cultures, coming together to make 2020 A Year Without War. We are individuals, groups, institutions and governments. We are students, educators, artists, scientists, authors, philanthropists, businesses, civic leaders, members of the military and citizens of every nation. Bringing our talents and passion together to build a network that will achieve a global ceasefire for the year 2020.


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Memorial Day

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  “The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm. It’s dangerous because of those who watch and do nothing.” Albert Einstein This past week, my son and his dog, while taking their nightly walk, were attacked by a pit bull. The attack was sudden, explosive. The adult pit bull was relentless in its charging and biting of both my son and his dog. My son and his dog are now recuperating with many bite wounds, stitches, stints and trauma. I’ve heard repeatedly this week that’s it not the dog but its owner’s fault for raising such an animal. That may be true but what has also deeply bothered me is my son describing the group of people who stood behind a fence and simply watched as he struggled on the ground fighting the pit bull. At one point his right forearm was in the pit bull’s mouth as it tried to drag him away while the people, including children, just watched silently. Now another Memorial Day holiday is upon us. The kick-off of summer, the Indy 500, playoff games, maybe a family picnic, catch up on laundry and perhaps some us will remember our war dead. How does one remember the 700,000+ U.S. war dead from our past 240 years of national history? I fear what answer I might get on the street to the question, “When was the War of 1812?” Who knows the traditional estimates of war dead from WW I, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom etc.? Who knows the dates of those wars? Their circumstances? What should be... 252-733-9771
Wanna Play Peace?

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Wanna Play Peace?   Feel good? Then fight! Feel bad? Fight! Feel depressed, like life is passing you by as you struggle through your drugs and self congratulating pie-eyed and mournful of all that love everyone else is made of? Then fucking fight! You neophyte, take aim and get up, dive in and erupt.   Help us Help us The marathon is on and the people need support so fight with us now to take a break from this cult of violence.   Envious of your neighbor’s new Prius and dislike the ungrateful socially polarizing attitude of pro-sports athletes? Who cares?!   Breathe in and join us to build a network of globally informed activists raising a fist against raising a gun against the human being next to us we need you closer than ever more than ever rise up and join the ranks of those defying the standards of giving up the statistics are against us but we push past the negative scientists the bullets couldn’t careless but the fingers on the trigger must hear this Message we will not stop, there is no ending to this, we will persist, you will not rest, we will not rest until the killing fields are plowed under, the tanks become artifacts and the bunkers gardens. Backs are already breaking and good people are working hard.   It’s an incredible thing 2020 A Year Without War. Simple, intriguing, socially provocative and defiantly complex in its complete reliance on the foundation that is modern humanity to harness an aspect of living that turns its collective back against the organizational finality of extremely... 919-601-6709
Is “feminist” the new F-word, and what does that have to do with 2020 AYWW?


by Prof. Geordie Armstrong The other day a young woman in one of my classes raised her hand in response to a question regarding the economic origins of marriage: “Sorry, I’m not a feminist, but…..why are women always the ones who are told what to wear?” I was struck by her introduction more than her statement. Her statement began with an apology. Why does her contribution to class require an apology? Was she apologizing for taking up space in the classroom, excusing her presence and qualifying her statement as unnecessary? When I think about the challenge of committing to a year without war a major concern is how voiceless some of us feel in our life and how that will affect our global, unified, peaceful front. She is not a feminist, but….. her statement had everything to do with feminism. The word “feminist” simply means a person who thinks that men and women are equal. So, why the disqualifier? I’ve come to learn that our college students today find the term is dated; it throws back to a generation of women now old enough to be grandmothers who fought for the right to work outside the home. My SBCC students find this fight is obsolete. For most of my current students, it is. However, many women in the world do not have the privilege we have due to our location. Women today are sold into marriage when only 6 years old, sold into prostitution, sold to pay their father’s debts; their bodies are mutilated in an attempt to control their sexuality. Their virginity is traded upon or used as... read more

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